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Convergence Zone.007

first aired: April 25 2023

the creators and fans of contemplative music have always gravitated to explorations of deep space — both in science fiction and through the efforts of astronomy and science. In my generation, many of us first came across space music through the works of Vangelis on the TV documentary Cosmos, hosted by the late great Carl Sagan

on this week’s edition of Convergence Zone, we’re putting the “space” in space music, with a show focused on space exploration, space travel, and plotting the depths of the human imagination in the great void

recent music from Seattle artists Hello Meteor, Terminus Void, and Hello Meteor transport us to Jupiter and to contacts with civilizations beyond our imagination

extended travels to distant stars with ARC, and nearby destinations with Caterina Barbieri and Public Service Broadcasting

Convergence Zone departs to the sky and the sun, the moon and Jupite, and outbound to the Tannhäuser Gate — Tuesday night at 10:30pm PDT

90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and streaming around the world at and on other internet radio services

Hello MeteorReitoru SkyportEarth Journos Feb 2023 ambient cozywave
VangelisHeaven and Hell Part 1 (excerpt)Heaven and HellRCAOpening music to “Cosmos” by Carl Sagan
Public Service BroadcastingSputnikThe Race for SpaceTest Card RecordingsIncludes signal from Sputnik 1
VangelisAtlas PushJuno to JupiterDeccaIncludes audio from NASA’s Juno launch
VangelisApo 22Juno to JupiterDeccaSamples from JPL control room
Terminus VoidInceptionOrigins Unknown Brand new!

Includes audio recorded by NASA’s Juno spacecraft at Ganymede
VangelisAlbedo 0.39Albedo 0.39RCAThe Earth’s reflecting power is 39%, or Albedo 0.39
Pink FloydSet the Controls for the Heart of the SunSaucerful of SecretsEMIWe set the controls for the heart of the sun, one of the ways we show our age
Steve RoachThe Sky OpensThe Sky OpensProjektLive in Pasadena, CA, 2019
Dreamstate LogicFirst ContactStarbound Brand new from Seattle’s Colby Sixx
End Segment One Segment End
Public Service BroadcastingThe Other SideThe Race for SpaceTest Card RecordingsApollo 8 – first human orbit of the moon
Public Service BroadcastingGoThe Race for SpaceTest Card RecordingsApollo 11 moon landing
Remote VisionThe Temporal SequenceThe Architecture of TimeSynphaeraDedicated to the electronic pioneers
VangelisBlush ResponseBlade RunnerAtlanticDo you like our owl?
TransponderRunning Binary NightsideStarmaps, Vol 1SynphaeraSteve Pierce and Don Tyler
Caterina BarbieriClosest Approach to your orbitEcstatic Computation 2019 LP from Italian composer
ARCArcturus Pt 1Arcturus (DiN 19) DiNLive at the Hampshire Jam, October 2004
 VangelisTears in RainBlade Runner­­ DeccaI’ve seen things you humans wouldn’t believe
first aired 4.24.2023