Best Of Specials

Top music of 2023

Compiling a list of some of my favorite albums and singles from regional artists and beyond, along with links to buy the albums

You can find music from these albums and much more on my
Best of 2023 Playlists for Spotify and TIDAL, as well as in two “Best of 2023” episodes of Convergence Zone (archive links below)

Albums from PNW Artists
Omni Gardens, Golden Pear, Moon Glyph
Mount Maxwell, Littlefolk, Hotham Sound Recordings
Hello Meteor, Earth Journos
FM Attack, Cosmic
AeTopus, Cup, Spotted Peccary Records
Terminus Void, APEIRON, Groove Unlimited
Dreamstate Logic, Latent Images and Distant Dreams
Pure Bathing Culture, Chalice
Saloli, Canyon, kranky
Erwilian, Cascadia
Paul Ellis, Music for the Space Between Atoms, Cyclical Dreams
Methods Body, Plural Not Possessive, Beacon Sound
Brass Clouds, Escape Vessels, Bathysphere Records

Singles from PNW Artists
Echo of the Low Light, Disco
Soft Release, Find You Later
Little H Collective, Avalanche Pass
LEATHERS, Fascination

Albums from other regions
Suzanne Ciani and Jonathan Fitoussi, Golden Apples of the Sun
Frore, Biome
Siren and the Sea, Gravity Wave
Various Artists, The Stone Tape: analyzing a ghost by electronic means
Eydis Evenson, The Light
Pabellión Sintetico, Mies van der Rohe’s Dreams
David Arkenstone, Winterlüde
One Arc Degree, The Forest and the Milky Way
Various Artists, The NID Tapes: Electronics Music from India 1969-1972
Caterina Barbieri, Myuthafoo
Ryuichi Sakamoto, 12
Chuck van Zyl, Gwynedd
Ki Oni, A Leisurely Swim to Everlasting Life

Spotify playlist: Top music of 2023
Best of 2023 part 1 – first aired 12.12.2023
Best of 2023 part 2 – first aired 12.26.2023
Best Of Show Playlists

Best of 2023 – Part 2

More of my favorite discoveries from 2023 from local and global artists, along with some fun throwbacks!

Convergence Zone: ambient soundscapes of the Pacific Northwest and beyond, every Tuesday night at 10:30pm PT on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, and

KSER playlist (opens in new tab)

10:30 PM Little H Collective “Avalanche Pass (radio edit)” from Avalanche Pass 2023

10:37 PM Hello Meteor “Eso Waypoints” from Earth Journos 2023

10:42 PM Jeff Pierce “Serenity Fields” from The Road Ahead 2023

10:46 PM Erik Wøllo “Cloud of Strings” from Cloud of Strings 2023

10:57 PM MiDi BiTCH “Marmalade Skies” from Sonic Fiction 2023

11:01 PM Panabrite “Cortex Meridian” from Cortex Meridian 2013

11:10 PM Radio Massacre International “The Clockwork Time Dragon (Album)” from Time & Motion 2010

11:22 PM Lisa Bella Donna “Rahmenerzählung” from Portals: A Kosmische Journey Through Outer Worlds and Inner Space 2020

11:33 PM Matthew Halsall “Sunlight Reflection” from An Ever Changing View 2023

11:34 PM Matthew Halsall “Natural Movement” from An Ever Changing View 2023

11:39 PM North Americans “The Living End” from Long Cool World 2023

11:43 PM The British Stereo Collective “Lost in Aqua” from Sailing 1975 2023

11:56 PM Pabellón Sintético “Open Spaces” from Mies Dreams Live Session 2023

12:05 AM Ian Boddy “Memory Lane” from Berlin: A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve 2023

12:11 AM Thom Brennan “Argo Pt. 3” from Argo 2023

12:21 AM Siren and the Sea “Gravity Wave” from Gravity Wave – EP 2023

12:28 AM Laurel Halo “Naked to the Light” from Atlas 2023

Best Of Show Playlists Specials

Best of 2023 – Part 1

first aired 12.12.2023

Part 1 of my review of the best music from 2023 – tracks by Hello Meteor, Omni Gardens, Future Islands, Erwilian, Pure Bathing Culture, David Arkenstone, Mount Maxwell, Terminus Void, Dreamstate Logic, and much more

Convergence Zone: ambient soundscapes of the Pacific Northwest and beyond; every Tuesday night at 10:30pm PT on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, streaming at – more information at

KSER playlist (opens in new tab)

FM Attack – Timeless – 00:00
NAVVI – Clemency – 04:38
Future Islands – The Tower – 09:56
Hibou – Night Fell – 13:28
Echo of the Low Light – Disco – 19:30
Altin Gün – Rakıya Su Katamam – 23:36
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard – The Silver Cord – 27:16
Pure Bathing Culture – The Memento – 33:35
Crumb & Melody’s Echo Chamber – Le Temple Volant – 37:22
NCY Milky Band – Aphex Twin – 39:17
Hello Meteor – Earth Journos – 43:59
Saloli – Waterfall – 47:00
Pabellón Sintético – Bauhaus – 51:25
Brendan Pollard – Steel Blue Sphere – 59:31
Dreamstate Logic – Lost But Not Forgotten – 01:02:34
AeTopus – Sundial – 01:11:17
Omni Gardens – Rain Jacket – 01:18:19
Volcano Lazerbeam – At Sea – 01:21:14
Terminus Void – Flow of Order – 01:29:46
Erwilian – Masters in This Hall (Live) – 01:36:15
Makushin – No More Rush Hour – 01:43:20
David Arkenstone – Darkening Skies – 01:49:29
Mount Maxwell – Sky Eye – 01:53:07
Hotel Pools – Metro 地​下​鉄 – 01:58:17