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Convergence Zone.030

first aired 10.24.23

This week on Convergence Zone I’m thrilled to share the worldwide radio premiere of the new LP  “Apeiron” by Terminus Void — and excerpts from my exclusive interview with project creator J. Ronald Smith.  We spoke about his influences, the themes captured on this debut record on Groove Unlimited, and the story threaded through the musical layers on “Apeiron”

Also –  brand new local music from AeTopus and from Pure Bathing Culture, as well as by Wild Nothing, , and Driftmachine; and celebrating local tour stops by Eydis Evensen and Loscil with Lawrence English

I’ll also pay tribute to Norm Chambers, the prolific Seattle composer, performer, and music curator

Convergence Zone arrives on Tuesday night, 10:30pm Pacific time, 90.7 KSER and 89.9 KXIR — streaming around the world at, TuneIn, and other fine radio services

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Convergence Zone.028

first aired 10.10.23

We’re getting deeper into Spooky Season tonight on Convergence Zone

I’ll have the broadcast premiere of “Relic”, the first single from AeTopus’s upcoming album! The project of Bellingham veteran electronic musician Bryan Hughes; he’s joining forces with Spotted Peccary Records with this new LP

Regional darkwave artists Soft Release and ACTORS have local shows coming up, and I’ve got songs by both of them; also brand-new synthwave from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (!)

More new local music from Mount Maxwell, loscil & lawrence english; the new re-release of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s influential ambient installation work from 1986 “Surround”; and music from the new compilation “The NID Tapes”, an archive of early electronic music from India recorded between 1969 and 1972

Convergence Zone arrives tonight at 10:30pm Pacific on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, and streaming at, TuneIn, and more

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Convergence Zone.027

first aired 10.03.23

Do you believe in coincidences?  

Tonight I’ll host the 27th edition of Convergence Zone.  Tonight is also the 20th anniversary of my father’s death; I was 27 when I learned he had passed

Music brought my dad and I together.  We lived on the High Plains, listening to cassettes on long car trips and late nights where we could just barely pull in FM radio. He once dreamed of being a band director, and shared his love of jazz and big band and Blue Note with me, while I introduced him to Vangelis and Kitaro and ECM and Narada and anything with synthesizers. We made a great team climbing on the roof of the trailer at night to pull in Music from the Hearts of Space on distant university FM

I know he’d be stoked that I’ve centered music in my life and proud that I share it with listeners on the airwaves and around the workd

This week I’ll explore coincidence with new music by K Leimer and Marc Barreca, Sumner James and Z Pocket, 5×4, Subdream, Pure Bathing Culture, Perge, Steven Wilson, Mary Lattimore, and Laurel Halo

I’ll trying weaving relevant classics from Vangelis and Peter Gabriel, Donald Fagen and Mannheim Steamrolle

join me to see how the paths converge

Convergence Zone.027 arrives at 10:30PM PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, streaming at, TuneIn, and just machines that make big decisions

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Convergence Zone.026

first aired 09.26.23

Tangerine Dream in their latest configuration returns to Seattle for the first time in over a decade — this week I’ve got lots of music from the band as well as contemporary acts that reflect the inspiration of those legends

Brand new music from Lau Nau, Lusine, Benoit Pioulard, Chronotope Project, Dal-um, Ki Oni

More from Brendan Pollard, Caterina Barbieri, David Arkenstone, Suzanne Ciani with Jonathan Pitoussi, Kubuschmitt, and the late Norm Chambers

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesdays at 10:30PM PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and

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Convergence Zone.025

Fall Drive 2023 – first aired 09.19.2023

first aired 09.19.2023

KSER’s Fall Membership Drive Converges with the final week of summer, and the 25th episode of my program, Convergence Zone

nearly half a year celebrating the musical atmospheres of the Pacific Northwest — and beyond…

please join me Tuesday night for a celebration of the show so far and the power of radio to unite us all — and please consider supporting the show  with your donation at  I’d appreciate if you mention Convergence Zone in the comment field

Ahead of the Long Dark, we embrace joy through new music, great regional artists, and look ahead to an array of live shows in the area

Brand new progressive ambient from Chronotope Project; the gorgeous new single from Pure Bathing Culture, it’s called ‘The River’; the new debut single from darkwave duo Soft Release, the “fortuitous convergence” of Carolyn B. from Mt Fog and Andy S. from Select Level

David Arkenstone returns to the region and his tour kicks off on Friday in Monroe, Washington — I’ll have more excerpts from our conversation about his band and his brand new album, ‘Winterlüde’

Lots more from friends of the show like Terminus Void, Erwilian, Rudy Adrian, Dreamstate Logic, Siren and the Sea, Chuck van Zyl, and a celebration of Tangerine Dream’s return visit to Seattle by playing their famous song ‘Phaedra’ in its entirety

Convergence Zone arrives for the KSER Fall Membership Drive – Tuesday,September 19 at 10:30PM PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and

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Convergence Zone.023

First aired 09.05.2023

This week; I’ll be hosting Convergence Zone LIVE from the KSER studio for the first time! Thank you to all the listeners and artists who have supported the show so far

I’ll premiere another gorgeous track by David Arkenstone from his upcoming album “Winterlūde”; this one’s called “Darkening Skies”, a timely song for the rapidly shortening days in the PNW. I’ll also have some details about my upcoming interview with David ahead of his live tour!

Also – new music from amazing regional artists like Pure Bathing Culture, Mount Maxwell, Brass Clouds, Hello Meteor, Hotel Pools; I’ll also have some lovely new music from Steve Roach, Hyperion V, SUSS, and Pabellón Sintético, along with a recent award-winning song by Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen

And my usual blend of classics and surprises, sprinkled in with the sound of my heart pounding its way out of my chest over a live mic! arrives LIVE on Tuesday September 5, 10:30pm PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and streaming at, TuneIn, etc etc

Hotel PoolsFadedEvenings Vol 1
Pure Bathing CultureThe MementoChalice
Lane LinesTime & SpaceLucid Dreaming
Vallis AlpsOn The Eve Of The RushCleave
Kacey MusgravesSlow BurnGolden Hour
Still CornersWhite SandsThe Last Exit
Climax Golden TwinsMuch Much Slowlyclimax golden twins
David ArkenstoneDarkening SkiesWinterlūde
Craig Padilla & Marvin AllenSunflowers in the WindWeathering the Storm
Hello MeteorWay Of LakesTraditional Dreams For January
Pabellón SintéticoBauhausMies van der Rohe’s dreams [CYD 0087]
tarotplaneDescartes CameraMurmuration
Brass CloudsLiquid LucidEscape Vessels
Mount MaxwellSky EyeLittlefolk
Dan MasonMelatonin HighHypnagogia
Blessed are the Hearts that BendReturningEdgelands
Tangerine DreamRicochet: Part 1 (Steven Wilson stereo remix)Ricochet (Steven Wilson remaster)
Hyperion VOumuamuaAccretion Disc
Steve RoachTowards The DreamDreamtime Return (24-bit Studio Master)
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Convergence Zone.022

first aired 08.22.2023

This week’s Convergence Zone airs on the last day of Leo — with so much stunning new music on the way

Gorgeous fresh works from Pure Bathing Culture, David Arkenstone, Pabellón Sintético, Hyperion V, Erwilian, Kim Oxlund, and Brass Clouds

Sounds for late summer from Mt Fog, Caterina Barbieri, Hello Meteor, Bruce Mitchell, and sunset virtual

And lots more — arriving Tuesday night at 10:30pm PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and streaming live at and other fine internet radio services — archived at

First Hour
Pure Bathing CultureThe Momento00:00Chalice
Cocteau TwinsPitch the Baby03:52Heaven or Las Vegas
Caroline PolachekBreathless07:02Standing at the Gate – Remix Collection
brass cloudsDream Recall10:00Escape Vessels
Wild NothingSleight of hand12:50Laughing Gas EP
Small Black +
Com Truise
Duplex (Com Truise Remix)16:59Duplex (Com Truise Remix)
Sinéad LohanNo Mermaid20:48No Mermaid
brass cloudsSimulated Sympathy24:43Escape Vessels
Mt. FogWaiting Through These Years27:36Spells of Silence
Sarah McLachlanBack Door Man31:53Solace
Kate BushRubberband Girl35:41The Red Shoes
Four Tet4T Recordings40:174T Recordings
Hyperion VAstatis42:33Accretion Disc
Caterina BarbieriMath of You46:43Myuthafoo
Kim OxlundStars All Burn Away52:24Very Special Things
Second Hour   
David ArkenstoneThe Icy Brook Finds Its Way01:00:00Winterlude
Andreas VollenweiderDancing With the Lion01:04:08Dancing With the Lion
sunset virtualCrystal — cassette only01:08:03visions
ErwilianMasters in this Hall (Live)01:09:32Cascadia
Nils Frahm#2 (Live)01:14:23Tripping with Nils Frahm
Pabellón SintéticoFarnsworth House01:24:09Mies van der Rohe’s dreams
Chuck van ZylNightshift01:29:52BERLIN – A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve
Bruce MitchellGateway to the Sun01:41:30Hidden Pathways
Mark VernonThe Tyrol, 197201:45:21Call Back Carousel
Brian EnoEverything Merges with the Night01:51:41Another Green World
Hello MeteorHashimi Rubies05:55:31The Lower Path
first aired 08.22.23
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Convergence Zone.021

first aired 08.15.23

This week on Convergence Zone, I’m premiering a new track by the legendary David Arkenstone; I’ve been listening to his music since picking up “Valley in the Clouds” on cassette in 1987.  Since then he’s pushed boundaries of new age, soundtrack, Celtic, ambient, and more — and he’s returning to the Pacific Northwest on tour starting next month.  I’ll have his brand-new single “The Icy Brook Finds Its Way”

I’m also premiering more local New Age, with another track off the upcoming live album by the ensemble Erwilian

Speaking of artists coming to the PNW, synthwave masters Small Black return with November dates in Vancouver BC, Seattle, and Portland, celebrating the 10th anniversary of “Limits of Desire”; I’ve got a banger from the new deluxe reissue, along with the latest by Vancouver’s Noble Oak

Pat Metheny also returns to Jazz Alley in November celebrating some of his early work, and I’ll also include great new neo-jazz from  Javier Nero and a recent piece by Makaya McCraven

Plenty of new ambient from LA duo Fog Net, along with Portland’s Daryl Groetsch, Patricia Wolf, and Seroli

And more surprises – join me Tuesday night at 10:30pm PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and on the web at

ArtistSongStart TimeAlbum
First Hour
Noble OakEveningstar00:00When It Finds You
HatchieThis Enchanted03:34Giving the World Away
Small BlackBreathless08:15Limits of Desire (Deluxe Edition)
Future IslandsBorn In A War11:54As Long As You Are
Wavestar IIA Call to Arms15:51BERLIN – A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve
Nathan KawanishiOpulence 0221:01single
Makaya McCravenThe Fours23:06In These Times
David ArkenstoneThe Icy Brook Finds Its Way26:58Winterlude
IceblinkHealer31:09Carpet Coccoon
ErwillianFantasy & Dance (live)34:32Cascadia (08.25.23)
Pat Metheny GroupThe First Circle39:20First Circle
Javier Nero Jazz OrchestraKemet (The Black Land)48:28Kemet (The Black Land)
Second Hour
Steve Roach,
Stephen Kent,
Kenneth Newby
Halcyon Days01:00:00Halcyon Days
RedshiftQuenzer – Live in the Studio 200201:09:20BERLIN – A Tribute Album for Mark Shreeve
SaloliBarcarolle01:20:25The Deep End
SaloliBarcarolle (for piano)01:25:04Ghosts: Music for Piano vol. 2
Fog NetPolymer Field01:27:24Headlands
Kim OxlundI Have No Answers01:36:01Very Special Things
Patricia WolfThe Juncos’ Nest01:40:40Seasonal Diary III – Curious Enchantment
Daryl GroetschGardens in Glass01:49:25Gardens in Glass
first aired 08.15.2023
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Convergence Zone.020

first aired August 8, 2023

Going deep into Leo season for the twentieth episode of Convergence Zone

Premiering the upcoming live album by PNW new-age ensemble Erwilian, along with classics by Doug Cameron and Robert Almblade with Carolyn Cruso, and Lisa Bella Donna

Brand new releases from Chuck van Zyl,  M3NASH, Portland’s Pure Bathing Culture and Saroon 

Sublime aeromatics from Jonsí and Sigur Rös friends for the Fischersund line of perfumes

New tributes to the late Mark Shreeve from Air Sculpture and Ron Boots

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesdays at 10:30pm PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, streaming at, TuneIn, and archived at

ArtistSongStart TimeAlbum
First Hour
Robert Almblade & Carolyn CrusoOkanagan00:00The Fifth Element
ErwilianFantasy & DanceCascadia
Doug CameronThe Journey08:46Mil Amores
Mannheim SteamrollerToccata13:23Fresh Aire III
One DoveWhite Love
(radio mix)
18:00Morning Dove White
Pure Bathing CultureCity of Mirrors22:29Roxi’s Dream
Pt I
Cavern of Anti-MatterMelody in high feedback tones28:01Void beats/invocation trex
Sin Fang, Kjartan Holm, FischersundLjo​́​sin kveikt31:48Ljo​́​sin kveikt
Jonsi, Alex Somers, Sin fang
Kjartan Holm
Stafafura37:12Sounds of Fischer volume one
M3NASHComposure of Loneliness38:39Declive
Lisa Bella DonnaNight Flight49:28Night Flight
Second Hour
The Fragile FateFloat01:11:03Liliam Ocean
AirSculptureOn Writing01:19:09BERLIN: a tribute for Mark Shreeve
One Arc DegreeTime Invariance01:27:24The Forest and the Milky Way
Ron BootsWhere Are They Now01:34:33BERLIN: a tribute for Mark Shreeve
Chuck van ZylThe Face of the Night
(YouTube edit)
SaroonMall of the Bardo – Traffic Operators on the Transmigration Highway01:52:26Gilgul
first aired 08.08.2023
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Convergence Zone.019

first aired August 1, 2023

Brand new ambient from Portland’s Saroon and from Methods Body; new dream pop from Pure Bathing Culture

More new music from Johan Agebjörn, from Parallax-5, One Arc Degree, [‘ramp], and Sigur Rós

And a tribute to the late Shuhada’ Sadaqat, born as Sinéad O’Connor

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesday nights at 10:30pm PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM in Everett, 89.9 KXIR-FM in Freeland, and streaming at, TuneIn, smart speakers, and wherever you consume internet radio

ArtistSongStart TimeAlbum
Pure Bathing CultureIn Gardens Under Evergreen00:00Roxi’s Dream
Pt I
Conjur One ft. Sinéad O ConnorTears from the Moon04:44Conjure One
Tori AmosA Sorta Fairytale10:06Scarlet’s Walk
Diane ArkenstoneFearlessly Falling15:33World Calling
Nation of LanguageAcross that Fine Line19:40A Way Forward
Saint EtienneOnly Love Can Break Your Heart25:05Foxbase Alpha
Siren and the SeaStill in the Race28:28Still in the Race
Japanese BreakfastSlide Tackle31:53Jubilee
Sally Shapiro with Johan AgebjörnForget About You (Johnny Jewel’s Amnesia Remix )35:26Sad Cities
(The Remixes)
Peter Gabriel feat. Sinéad O ConnorBlood of Eden40:17Us
Massive Attack feat. Sinéad o ConnorSpecial Cases46:40100th Window
One Arc DegreeStella Obscura52:46The Forest and the Milky Way
The The – Matt Johnson feat. Sinéad O ConnorKingdom of Rain01:00:00Mind Bomb
Johan Agebjörn with Mikael ÖgrenFour Hours to Karhumaki (Subtracted Version)01:05:39Subtraced Soundscapes
Sigur RósGold01:11:50Átta 
Oneohtrix Point NeverChrome Country01:16:54R Plus Seven
Parallax-5Regeneration01:21:50Sonic Awakening
A Covenant of ThornsSerafina01:27:56If the Heavens should Fall
[‘ramp]Arp-en-Ciel excerpts01:32:23Arp-en-ciel
Methods Body Torches01:42:37Plural Not Possessive
Saroon The Beacon01:48:00Gilgul
SaroonSomething, then a whisper01:51:55Gilgul
first aired 08.01.2023