Interview: Terminus Void (J. Ronald Smith)

first aired in October 2023

J. Ronald Smith,
aka Terminus Void

Seattle-based ambient musician J. Ronald Smith – aka Terminus Void – sat down with Jim Causey to talk about his creative process, his new album APEIRON, and his collaborations with other musicians.

This recording collects excerpts first aired on Convergence Zone on October 27, 2023, along with the worldwide radio premiere of APEIRON. The album has gone on to win Best New Artist for 2023 at Germany’s prestigious Schallwelle Awards.

We discussed the making of APEIRON along with Terminus Void’s collaborations with Pat Keista, Mina, and much more.

These excerpts also include the following songs from Terminus Void’s 2023 release APEIRON on Groove Unlimited:




TRANSMISSION II (featuring Pat Keista)

Also included: UNSUNG HEROES by Mina and Terminus Void, from Mina’s 2023 album “Lost and Remembered” on Altar Records

You can learn more about Terminus Void at the project’s web site,