Interview: David Arkenstone (Pt 2)

first aired on 09.19.2023

5-time Grammy winner David Arkenstone sat down with Jim Causey for an interview about his new album Winterlüde, his upcoming tour of the Pacific Northwest, and his creative process.

This recording includes excerpts from that interview first aired on Convergence Zone on Tuesday, September 19, 2023

We discussed his return to the Pacific Northwest with his band David Arkenstone and Friends as well as the first two singles off his new album Winterlüde.

The David Arkenstone and Friends autumn tour begins on Friday, September 22, 2023 at the Wagner Performing Arts Center in Monroe, WA, and I hope to see you there! He has multiple dates spanning Victoria and Vancouver BC, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, and much more.

Find the Autumn 2023 PNW Tour calendar and links to buy tickets: Tour and Ticket Information – Autumn 2023 – David Arkenstone and Friends

These excerpts also include the following songs:

“Warm Lights Flicker Across the Lake”, premiered exclusively on Convergence Zone, from the 2023 album “Winterlüde”

“The Icy Brook Finds Its Way” and “Darkening Skies” from the 2023 album “Winterlüde”

You can find the new album at: