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Episode 036 – atmospheric rivers

first aired 12.05.2023

This week on Convergence Zone, music for atmospheric rivers and  grey-on-grey skies.  Regional artists channel the life-bringing moisture of our damp winters along with the shadows cast on our moods during these long dark nights — these inspirations lie at the heart of the Convergence Zone

Brand new music from Echo of the Low Light, Mount Maxwell, Hello Meteor, Sam Rosenthal & vidna obmana, Ken Martin, Still Corners, Ancient Astronaut,  and Volcano Lazerbeam; recent pieces by AeTopus, Frore & Shane Morris, Blackford Hill, Rayo Hunters, Tara Clerkin Trio, and more

Convergence Zone pours in tonight and every Tuesday night at 10:30pm PST on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, and streaming around the world at, TuneIn, and other fine internet radio services

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Episode 035 – Littlefolk

first aired 11.28.2023

This week on Convergence Zone we dive into the remarkable new album “Littlefolk” by Mount Maxwell — it’s a journey beyond his Vancouver BC home with effortless moves between timbres and tonality, field recordings and folktronica, and beats and bloops

We will continue the journey with recent music from Mary Lattimore, Lusine, K Leimer, Pure Bathing Culture,  Steven Wilson, Mike Reed, and some vintage Erik Wøllo and Harold Budd

We may also hear some Roxy Music without Brian Eno, and Brian Eno without Roxy Music

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesday nights at 10:30pm PST on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, and streaming at

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Episode 034

first aired 11.21.2023

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Episode 033

first aired 11.13.2023

This week on Convergence Zone – new regional music from Bunadox, AeTopus, Dreamstate Logic, terminus void, Silent Universe, Omni Gardens, Bunadox, Lori Goldston, and Mount Maxwell

Brand new music by Frore & Shane Morris, and lovely ambient releases from around the world with Lau Nau, Secret Pyramid, Jim Ottaway, Peter Phippen & Ivar Lunde, Jr, and more

Small Black and Geographer come to Seattle this week, so I’ll have tracks from both, along with brand new music from Mildlife and Kit Sebastian

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesday, 11.13.23 at 10:30pm PST – on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR,, TuneIn, and other fine streaming Internet radio services

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Episode 032 – Dreamstate Logic album premiere

first aired 11.07.23

This week on Convergence Zone: as the long nights deepen, we find a wealth of new music with connections to our region – by Vancouver trio V Vecker Ensemble, Omni Gardens, AeTopus, Daryl Groetsch, Leeni, Erwilian, Soft Release, Pure Bathing Culture, and the global radio premiere of “Latent Images and Distant Dreams” by Seattle’s Dreamstate Logic

I’ll also have another excerpt from my interview with Terminus Void’s J. Ronald Smith, along with more music from his new album APEIRON, and also something from his recent collaboration with Mina on her album “Lost and Remembered”

More new music from Winterwood, Bahia Mansa, and TALsounds – and more of our tribute to Norm Chambers

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesday nights at 10:30pm Pacific on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, streaming at

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Halloween Special 2023

first aired 10.31.23

Episode 031 – I read somewhere that if your program’s 31st episode airs on the 31st day of October —  you’re required to go all-in on Halloween

This week on Convergence Zone, I discard the music of calm, focus, relaxation, and uplift — and plunge into horror and the occult, dark catharsis, tones that unsettle and display, music for liminal spaces and end times
Local darkwave from ACTORS, Soft Release, Lydia, LEATHERS, and A Covenant of Thorns

Brand new folk-horror ambient from the Hidden Britain compilation “Analysing a Ghost By Electronic Means”; excursions into the underworld with Chuck van Zyl and Cryo Chamber

Dark classics from, Молчат Дома, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Sisters of Mercy, Boy Harsher, and Bauhaus

The dark tides arrive on Halloween Tuesday, October 31, 10:30pm Pacific – on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, and streaming at, TuneIn, and on the flickering shortwave radio in your undead crypt

Includes excerpts from:
The Lovecraft Investigations, “The Whisperer in Darkness”, BBC Sounds
Numbers stations – The Lincolnshire Poacher, Skyking, and others

KSER playlist (opens in new tab)

Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band – Halloween Theme – 00:00
Soft Release – Broken Number 13 – 01:42
The Cure – Burn – 05:16
Echo And The Bunnymen – The Killing Moon – 12:50
ACTORS – L’appel Du Vide – 18:25
Siouxsie And The Banshees – Cities In Dust – 21:39
Depeche Mode – Rush – 2006 Remastered Version – 26:19
LEATHERS – Phantom Heart – 30:31
New Order – The Perfect Kiss (2022 Digital Master) – 34:18
Molchat Doma – Судно (Борис Рижий) – 39:34
Bauhaus – Dark Entries – 41:47
Nine Inch Nails – Burn – 45:36
The Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion (excerpt) – 50:26
Lycia – In Flickers – 58:56
Tom Waits – What’s He Building? – 01:02:01
M83 – Car Chase Terror – 01:05:12
B.Michaael – Dying Waves – 01:09:56
The Soulless Party – Vigilamus – 01:13:40
Nicholas Bullen – When They Return – 01:17:30
Buried Marie – White Night – 01:23:25
Chuck van Zyl – News Flash – 01:31:00
Scott Lawlor – Crossing the Veil – 01:48:00


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Episode 030 – Terminus Void “Aperion” premiere

first aired 10.24.23

This week on Convergence Zone I’m thrilled to share the worldwide radio premiere of the new LP  “Apeiron” by Terminus Void — and excerpts from my exclusive interview with project creator J. Ronald Smith.  We spoke about his influences, the themes captured on this debut record on Groove Unlimited, and the story threaded through the musical layers on “Apeiron”

Also –  brand new local music from AeTopus and from Pure Bathing Culture, as well as by Wild Nothing, , and Driftmachine; and celebrating local tour stops by Eydis Evensen and Loscil with Lawrence English

I’ll also pay tribute to Norm Chambers, the prolific Seattle composer, performer, and music curator

Convergence Zone arrives on Tuesday night, 10:30pm Pacific time, 90.7 KSER and 89.9 KXIR — streaming around the world at, TuneIn, and other fine radio services

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Episode 029 – guest DJ David Haldeman from Dead Electric

Special guest host David Haldeman – first aired 10.17.2023

Guest DJ David Haldeman

Host of Dead Electric -A radio show playing vintage synth, space, and new age music from the 70s and 80s. Friday nights at 10:30 p.m on KSER!

Thank you David for a phenomenal show!

Track list –

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Emile Mosseri – The Moon in Your Eye – I Could Be Your Dog/I Could Be Your Moon

Hibou – Valium – Hibou

Grimes – Genesis – Visions

Brian Eno and John Cale – Spinning Away – Wrong Way Up

[Mic break]

The Books feat. Jose Gonzales – Cello Song – Dark Was the Night

Odesza – A Moment Apart – A Moment Apart

Julee Cruise – Into the Night – Floating Into the Night

[Mic break]

The Postal Service – Be Still My Heart – Give Up (20th anniversary edition)

Sky Cries Mary – Moondream Meadow Allegory – Exit at the Axis

Surf Mesa – Manzanita – Run

[Mic break]

Jason Holstrom – Behold the Sky – Tonight Sky

Grand Hallway – Winter Creatures – Winter CreaturesMike Oldfield – In the Beginning/Let There Be Light – The Songs of Distant Earth

[Mic break]

Visible Cloaks – Wheel – Lex

Kings of Convenience – I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From (Royksopp remix) – Versus

Faith and Disease – Mary Don’t Sleep In Your Makeup – Insularia

[Mic break]

Alice in Chains – Whale & Wasp – Jar of Flies

Fovea Hex – All Those Signs – The Salt Garden 2

Steve Hauschildt – Arpeggiare – Where All is Fled

[Mic break]

David Arkenstone – Rain – Valley in the Clouds

Nancy Rumbel – Lullaby – Notes from the Tree of Life

Orcas – Standard Error – Orcas

[Mic break]

Ernest Hood – Sunday Morning Doze – Neighborhoods

Panabrite – Octopus In Your Dreams – Sub-aquatic meditation

[mic break]

Golden Retriever and Chuck Johnson – Lupine – Rain Shadow

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Convergence Zone.028 – AeTopus album premiere

first aired 10.10.23

We’re getting deeper into Spooky Season tonight on Convergence Zone

I’ll have the broadcast premiere of “Relic”, the first single from AeTopus’s upcoming album! The project of Bellingham veteran electronic musician Bryan Hughes; he’s joining forces with Spotted Peccary Records with this new LP

Regional darkwave artists Soft Release and ACTORS have local shows coming up, and I’ve got songs by both of them; also brand-new synthwave from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard (!)

More new local music from Mount Maxwell, loscil & lawrence english; the new re-release of Hiroshi Yoshimura’s influential ambient installation work from 1986 “Surround”; and music from the new compilation “The NID Tapes”, an archive of early electronic music from India recorded between 1969 and 1972

Convergence Zone arrives tonight at 10:30pm Pacific on 90.7 KSER, 89.9 KXIR, and streaming at, TuneIn, and more

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Episode 027 – rememberance

first aired 10.03.23

Do you believe in coincidences?  

Tonight I’ll host the 27th edition of Convergence Zone.  Tonight is also the 20th anniversary of my father’s death; I was 27 when I learned he had passed

Music brought my dad and I together.  We lived on the High Plains, listening to cassettes on long car trips and late nights where we could just barely pull in FM radio. He once dreamed of being a band director, and shared his love of jazz and big band and Blue Note with me, while I introduced him to Vangelis and Kitaro and ECM and Narada and anything with synthesizers. We made a great team climbing on the roof of the trailer at night to pull in Music from the Hearts of Space on distant university FM

I know he’d be stoked that I’ve centered music in my life and proud that I share it with listeners on the airwaves and around the workd

This week I’ll explore coincidence with new music by K Leimer and Marc Barreca, Sumner James and Z Pocket, 5×4, Subdream, Pure Bathing Culture, Perge, Steven Wilson, Mary Lattimore, and Laurel Halo

I’ll trying weaving relevant classics from Vangelis and Peter Gabriel, Donald Fagen and Mannheim Steamrolle

join me to see how the paths converge

Convergence Zone.027 arrives at 10:30PM PDT on 90.7 KSER-FM, 89.9 KXIR-FM, streaming at, TuneIn, and just machines that make big decisions