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Convergence Zone.017

first aired 07.04.2023

Long ambient works for the long summer nights – this week on Convergence Zone

Brand new local music from Saloli; limited-edition vinyl re -releases of the crucial Universal Synthesizer Interface albums by Vancouver’s Kristen Roos

recent releases from Blessed are the Hearts that Bend, Robert Chamberlin

New music from Sigur Rós; long-form classics from Panabrite, Chuck van Zyl, Steve Roach, and {arsonist}

Convergence Zone arrives Tuesday, July 4 at 10:30pm PDT

90.7 KSER Everett; 89.9 KXIR Freeland

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ArtistTitleStart timeAlbumLabelShow notes
PergeEpicenter Mutually Assured Destruction Perge was formed with the ambition of recreating the excitement of classic Electronic Rock typified by the live performances of Tangerine Dream ’74 – ’86.   From <>    
FroreTrapped in Amber BiomeSpotted Peccary   
Chuck van ZylThe Child of Night Gemstones IICyclical Dreams   
Matthew HalsallThe Temple Within The Temple WithinGondwanaspiritual jazz, the heritage of British jazz and progressive world music and electronica influences   From <>    
The set of arsonistProjecting into Phantasmagoric Subspace (excerpt) Reality Structure    
Sigur RosKlettur ATTA “Eight”, eigth studio album, first in 10 years; ” “to have minimal drums and for the music to be really sparse, floaty and beautiful   From <> “  
Kristen RoosDiablo IV Universal Synthesizer Interface Vol II New vinyl releases Kristen Roos crafts vast musical networks from the restrictions of vintage technology. The Vancouver-based composer’s recent pieces stem from early algorithmic programs   From <>    
SaloliSilhouette CanyonKrankyBrand new, about a bear he album is intended to evoke “a day in the life of a bear in a canyon in the Smoky Mountains,” with each track channeling a different emotion or experience in its daily explorations.   From <>    
Blessed are the Hearts that BendGhosts of Ford Edgelands    
Kristen RoosMidi Draw Universal Synthesizer Interface Vol I    
SNOWDNPale Blue Dot Modern Quilt EP    
Robert chamberlinReclamation Mutable signBathysphere Records   
Steve RoachStructures from Silence (Live 2019) The Sky OpensProjekt