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Replay: Convergence Zone.004

(Replayed July 25, 2023 – first aired April 4, 2023)

It’s a time of transition in the Pacific Northwest, from the season of stillness to glimpses of light and warmth.  Celebrated through the ages, whether through the revival of Osiris, the rise of the Aten, the passion of the Christ, or the Hareland Ley feasts of the goddess Ēostre

On this week’s Convergence Zone, we honor these transitions with music for death and rebirth — and we also honor the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto, who died on March 28, 2023 at the age of 71

10:30pm PDT 4/4/23 – 90.7 KSER | Independent Public Radio

ArtistSongAlbumLabelShow Notes
Dreamstate LogicAndromeda TerminalStarboundBrand new music from Seattle! project by Colby Sixx
Dennis Russell Davies dir. Stuttgart OrchestraAct I:
Prelude: Refrain, Verses 1-3
Philip Glass; AkhnatenCBS Masterworks1984 premiere of Philip Glass opera
David BowieLazarusBlackstarISO RecordsFinal album released two days before Bowie’s death
LyciaA FailureIn FlickersProjektDarkwave from 2018
Small BlackTampaCheap Dreams100% Electronicawistful chillwave found-footage vibes
Future IslandsBorn In a WarAs Long as You Are4ADSynthpop
from 2020
GeorgiaRunning Up That HillSeeking Thrills (The Ultimate Thrills Edition)DominoCovering Kate Bush
Pure Bathing CultureBlack StarlingNight PassPortland new agey-dream-pop
Ryuichi SakamotofullmoonasyncMilanpartially recorded in Bastyr University Chapel
Ryuichi Sakamoto20220302 sarabande12MilanJanuary 2023 release
Ryuichi Sakamoto2022030412Milansketches for piano and electronics
end segment one
Craig Padilla & Marvin AllenOnwards and UpwardsWeathering the StormSpotted PeccaryNew! guitar & synth homage to Kosmiche Musik
Ryuichi Sakamoto2022030212Milansketches for piano and electronics
Ryuichi Sakamoto2021031012MilanJanuary 2023 release
Electric YouthMerry Christmas Mr. LawrenceA Tribute to Ryuichi Sakamoto – To the Moon and BackMilanToronto synthpop
‘remodel’ of Ryuichi Sakamoto
Terminus VoidDiscoveryOrigins UnknownSeattle synthesist
J. Ronald Smith
Peter GabrielIn Doubt

A Different Drum
Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of ChristReal Worldi/o: The Tour
October 8
Arushi JainI Feel Incomplete Without SoundWith & WithoutGHUNGHRUOpening for Suzanne Ciani Seattle
May 20
Suso Saiz…Un Hombre OscuroOdiseaMusic From MemoryOn tour with Age of Reflections
LocsilEquivalent 7EquivalentsKrankyVancouver artist Scott Morgan, featuring samples from work created for Glenn Gould retrospective w/ Sakamoto-san

first aired April 4 2023, replayed July 25 2023

I was already contemplating death and resurrection as I produced this week’s episode of Convergence Zone – and then my friend Nick texted me the sad news that Ryuichi Sakamoto had passed away. 

Sakamoto-san’s impact — from his time in Yellow Magic Orchestra, his work in film scores and acting, and his prolific creations as an ambient and neoclassical artist — is impossible to do justice in words, at least as few as I can summon here.  But I can try and share some of his recent pieces, including one produced in part during his time recording as Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA.

His final album, “12”, dropped in January, consisting of solo sketches that Sakamoto-san recorded in his home over the past few years on piano and electronic instruments.  In several, you can hear him breathe as he begins to play.

Hearing Ryuichi Sakamoto breathe and create — on a quiet and cool early Sunday, on the day I was stunned by his death — was painful and exquisite.  I am so grateful for what he left us all.