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Episode 027 – rememberance

first aired 10.03.23

Do you believe in coincidences?  

Tonight I’ll host the 27th edition of Convergence Zone.  Tonight is also the 20th anniversary of my father’s death; I was 27 when I learned he had passed

Music brought my dad and I together.  We lived on the High Plains, listening to cassettes on long car trips and late nights where we could just barely pull in FM radio. He once dreamed of being a band director, and shared his love of jazz and big band and Blue Note with me, while I introduced him to Vangelis and Kitaro and ECM and Narada and anything with synthesizers. We made a great team climbing on the roof of the trailer at night to pull in Music from the Hearts of Space on distant university FM

I know he’d be stoked that I’ve centered music in my life and proud that I share it with listeners on the airwaves and around the workd

This week I’ll explore coincidence with new music by K Leimer and Marc Barreca, Sumner James and Z Pocket, 5×4, Subdream, Pure Bathing Culture, Perge, Steven Wilson, Mary Lattimore, and Laurel Halo

I’ll trying weaving relevant classics from Vangelis and Peter Gabriel, Donald Fagen and Mannheim Steamrolle

join me to see how the paths converge

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