Bandcamp Friday Picks

Eleven Picks for Bandcamp Friday – March 1, 2024

For the March 2024 Bandcamp Friday, I’ve selected 10 records that I’ve been listening to on repeat, including several from artists that you can see live in March! there’s no better time to support great artists than today, when Bandcamp waives their revenue share. Click the links to pick up this great music and find links for their upcoming live shows!

Swimming Lessons | Midnight High (

Seattle’s Nik Singleton and Luke Dumke have forged a crystal-clear pop sound with a synthwave edge – they’re reminding us to believe in perfect nights that never end.
On Sunday, March 3 they’re wrapping up the Freakout Weekender at Belltown Yacht Club in Seattle

Santa Clara | Cartas de JapĆ³n (

Driving beats and soaring pads from Lucas Tripaldi, Esteban Menash and Pablo Bilbao making me taste the salt air at the Atlantic Coast of Argentina

Feel | Garden of Magic (

Single from Toronto’s Daria Morgacheva that wraps you in a dreamy world of sensory bliss – who needs the metaverse with gorgeous tracks like this?

Night Supply | Hello Meteor (

Hello Meteor transports us to a sleek, future version of the Pacific Northwest, filled with efficient machines and cozy vibes; there’s no better place to begin exploring their prolific output than with “Night Supply”

Cancelled Plans | Lane Lines (

Lush dream-pop from Seattle’s Mandi Kime; lush harmonies exploring the pain and healing of a a breakup when the world came to an end, sentimental but never cloying. Touring this Spring including dates in Bellingham, Portland, Seattle, and at Everett’s Black Lab Gallery on Fri. March 8

Disco | Echo of the Low Light (

The Seattle collective returns with cinematic noirgaze that conjures aching, bittersweet memories of things that were bad for us but wish we could experience just one more time

Structures from Silence – 40th Anniversary Remaster | Steve Roach (

Steve Roach returns to Seattle and Portland on March 15 and 16, touring for the 40th anniversary of his ambient masterpiece “Structures From Silence”. This album never feels dated, and has served me for decades when I need to calm my racing mind to be productive, or as a timekeeper while I rocked my infant daughter back to sleep.

Spells of Silence | Mt Fog (

Seattle’s Mt. Fog summons magical spaces that feel like whimsical haunted houses, where the spirits play rinigng synths and Carolyn B.’s vocals tear the veils between worlds. Their Forest Cats tour includes a date in Everett on Friday March 9, along with shows in Bellingham, Tacoma, Portland, and of course Seattle

Balm of Gilead | INTERVALES (

Seattle’s Alex Vittum reflects on the early days of the pandemic and his transition from California to the Pacific Northwest with this collection of ambient textures and field recordings – at intervals soothing and soaring

Vestige House | Corey Holms (

Graphic designer and analog synthesist Corey Holms carved out time along the coast of the Strait of Juan de Fuca – transforming his struggles with burnout during the gloomy winter of 2020 into a weaving masterpiece of sequenced countermelodies that ironically ignite calm focus and creativity in the listener

Invisible Sounds: For Kenny Wheeler | Ingrid Jensen & Steve Treseler (

Paying tribute to the late trumpeter Kenny Wheeler, Ingrid Jensen and Steve Treseler convened a scorching quintet with sets at Seattle’s Royal Room and in Robert Lang Studios; sometimes flying, sometimes whispering, always astounding